Phone and Arrow. There’s no bracket on our sideboard for headphones. Beethoven’s bust is too silly. At spinning we have to hang the headphones over it’s plug, which causes inevitably loose contact. The earWEDGE stereo is a sturdy but shapely tool to terminate those problems. Put the Wedge sagittal under an array of records or a mixer and lay your headphones across. The earWEDGE mono alternately provides a hook for your hotted-up vintage earphone.


Single-item production by Meister Matthias Sattler. Made in Germany.

The earWEDGEs are made of sand-blasted premium steel with edges hand-cut.


  • Variant stereo for common headphones up to 1,7” (4,5 cm) width of the headband
  • Variant mono for a hotted-up vintage earphone
  • Loadability: up to 3 kg (coat: yes, filled record bag: no)


earWEDGE stereo

7,1” (18 cm) x 3,7” (9,5 cm), height 1” (2,5 cm) | 80 g

earWEDGE mono

8,1” (20,5 cm) x 3,7” (9,5 cm), height 2” (5 cm) | 110 g


earWEDGE stereo

net 90,00 € | gross 107,10 € (19% VAT included)

earWEDGE mono

net 100,00 € | gross 119,00 € (19% VAT included)


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Time to deliver: about 2 weeks upon payment


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