Treasury. It’s not easy to find a piece of furniture that properly organizes our precious 45 collection. That’s why most collectors bother with makeshift solutions made of space debris. The elaborate plattenHIVE provides the opposite: your records will smoothly glide on invisible drawer slides as used in the Centauric Central Bank vault.


Single-item production by Werkstatt für Möbel+Design, Artur Hettich.
Made in Germany.

Solid timber drawers with finger joints: Eastern Black Walnut ready-oiled and waxed; alternately Black Cherry or European Oak ready-oiled and waxed. The framing is made of blockboards (solid timber) with corresponding Eastern Black Walnut, Black Cherry or European Oak veneer ready-oiled and waxed. All timber used is classified as "unprotected" pursuant to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and originate either from sustainably cultivated European forests or from controlled imports pursuant to the European Union Timber Regulation, VO (EU) Nr. 995/2010.

The shelves, partitions and the back panel are melamine-faced chipboards with corresponding edge banding. We offer a choice of colours in our request checkout. The plinth panel is laminated with antistatic furniture linoleum Charcoal coloured.


  • Durable slide convenience of the drawers thanks to the invisible directing system MOVENTO® by Julius Blum.
  • Choose your individual size (we recommend 1.5 or 3 times more capacity than your current collection; the division of the drawers into three offers reserve for long-term growth of your collection while instantly looking fully loaded).
  • Clamex® connectors by Lamello ensure precise assembly and highest stability.
  • Valuable adjustable feet for compensating flatness imperfections of your floor.
  • Capacity (approx.): 90 Singles in protective sleeves per drawer.
  • Linoleum covering of the drawers’ fronts at choice (cf. last two images of the slide show). Find our furniture linoleum colours at the configurator of the plattenCOMBI.
    1. Choose your “Shape” at the configurator below.

    2. Choose your “Material” (in this case for the veneer of the framing plus the veneer of the front edges of shelves and partitions, cf. image)

    3. Choose “Cosmos” at “Colour” (recommended for the insides of this variant).

    4. “Add to request cart” and enter a precise description of your customizing wishes (max. three different lino colours) into the “Questions/Notes” field below “Customer Data” (the second step in our request cart).


The delivery occurs in components, the drawers come ready-to-mount. A manual is enclosed; two versed people are necessary for assembly. Beforehand a test assembly for final inspection took place.


plattenHIVE 4 high, 5 wide

51,6” (131 cm) x 13,8” (35 cm), height 44,7” (113,5 cm) | 122 kg

plattenHIVE 2 high, 7 wide

71,7” (182 cm) x 13,8” (35 cm), height 24,5” (62 cm) | 90 kg

plattenHIVE 5 high, 7 wide

71,7” (182 cm) x 13,8” (35 cm), height 54,8” (139 cm) | 209 kg

plattenHIVE in further sizes

Depending on the configuration


plattenHIVE 4 high, 5 wide

walnut (as depicted) or cherry

net 8.290,00 € | gross 9.865,10 € (19% VAT included)


net 7.820,00 € | gross 9.305,80 € (19% VAT included)

plattenHIVE 2 high, 7 wide

walnut or cherry

net 6.850,00 € | gross 8.151,50 € (19% VAT included)


net 6.490,00 € | gross 7.723,10 € (19% VAT included)

plattenHIVE 5 high, 7 wide

walnut or cherry

net 12.260,00 € | gross 14.589,40 € (19% VAT included)


net 11.410,00 € | gross 13.577,90 € (19% VAT included)

plattenHIVE in further sizes

walnut, cherry or oak

Prices on request

plattenHIVE with lino covering on the drawers’ fronts

Price for your individual variant on request (see above)


For the security of both parties our web shop differs from common web shops; submitting our request cart is not a contract formation. Upon your request, we’ll send a nonbinding invoice to you adapted to your location (shipping costs & +/-VAT). Find the contract formation, payment and shipping terms in our (straightforward) GTC.

Time to deliver: about 8 weeks upon payment


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