Happy Together. Our space station lacks of room but shall be furnished on a high level. The plattenCOMBI integrates equipment, LPs and CDs in one furniture of highest quality. Alternatively there is a version for Longplayers plus 45s.


Single-item production by Werkstatt für Möbel+Design, Artur Hettich.
Made in Germany.

The sidewalls, base and support plate are made of Eastern Black Walnut ready-oiled and waxed; alternately Black Cherry or European Oak ready-oiled and waxed. All timber used is classified as "unprotected" pursuant to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and originate either from sustainably cultivated European forests or from controlled imports pursuant to the European Union Timber Regulation, VO (EU) Nr. 995/2010.

The shelves, partitions (and the back panel behind your audio components) are made of blockboards (solid timber) laminated with anti-static furniture linoleum; therefor we offer a choice or combination of colours in our request checkout. Their front edges are laminated with veneer corresponding to the solid timber of the framing. The plinth panel is laminated with linoleum Charcoal coloured.


  • Clamex® connectors by Lamello ensure precise assembly and highest stability.
  • Valuable adjustable feet for compensating flatness imperfections of your floor.
  • A sufficiently dimensioned cable duct is located in the rear of the support plate.
  • Display the album cover of the current record elegantly thanks to our innovation Dynashelf®.
    Choose the position of the Dynashelf in our request checkout.

  • Capacity (approx.): 1000 LPs in protective sleeves plus 450 CDs resp. 1000 LPs in protective sleeves plus 900 Singles in protective sleeves.


The delivery occurs partly glued and partly in components. A manual is enclosed; three versed people are necessary for assembly. Beforehand a test assembly for final inspection took place.


plattenCOMBI CD

62,6” (159 cm) x 20,1” (51 cm), height 84,6” (215 cm) | 115 kg

plattenCOMBI 7

62,6” (159 cm) x 20,1” (51 cm), height 81,9” (208 cm) | 123 kg


plattenCOMBI CD

walnut (as depicted) or cherry

net 12.660,00 € | gross 15.065,40 € (19% VAT included)


net 12.210,00 € | gross 14.529,90 € (19% VAT included)

surcharge for second Dynashelf

net 120,00 € | gross 142,80 € (inkl. 19% MwSt.)

plattenCOMBI 7

walnut (as depicted apart from the shape) or cherry

net 12.870,00 € | gross 15.315,30 € (19% VAT included)


net 12.420,00 € | gross 14.779,80 € (19% VAT included)

surcharge for second Dynashelf

net 120,00 € | gross 142,80 € (inkl. 19% MwSt.)


For the security of both parties our web shop differs from common web shops; submitting our request cart is not a contract formation. Upon your request, we’ll send a nonbinding invoice to you adapted to your location (shipping costs & +/-VAT). Find the contract formation, payment and shipping terms in our (straightforward) GTC.

Time to deliver: about 10 weeks upon payment


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