Pictures at an Exhibition. A dignified throne for our beloved fetish. plattenTISH and plattenBIGTISH consider themselves optionally as Keeper of the Grail or simply as an attractive side or coffee table. Give your favorite record a worthy and safe jacket and make it part of your everyday life.


Single-item production by Meister Nils Langhoff. Made in Germany.

Eastern Black Walnut stained with flat protective varnish. The dark wood provides a perfect cinema effect letting all kinds of covers shine brightly. All timber used is classified as "unprotected" pursuant to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and originate either from sustainably cultivated European forests or from controlled imports pursuant to the European Union Timber Regulation, VO (EU) Nr. 995/2010.


  • Threaded sockets ensure high stability while usable as adjustable feet at the same time.
  • Underlaid felt pads protect your flooring.
  • At the plattenBIGTISH the bed covering with centered holdfast for your LP is made of anti-static furniture linoleum, Charcoal coloured.
  • Shatterproof glass with polished edges and UV-protection.



19,7” (50 cm) x 19,7” (50 cm), height 17,7” (45 cm) | 10 kg (incl. glass top)


32,3” (82 cm) x 19,7” (50 cm), height 17,7” (45 cm) | 14 kg (incl. glass top)



net 970,00 € | gross 1.154,30 € (19% VAT included)


net 1.240,00 € | gross 1.475,60 € (19% VAT included)


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Time to deliver: about 4 weeks upon payment


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