Tidy up your space station!

... with vinyl record storage from Eden.

Scroll down and beam them up customized or as depicted.


Conning Bridge. Our mother ship with good reason. Surrounded by and with swift access to all of your treasures without leaving your swivel chair. Never before sloth was that stylish. For those who prefer standing while spinning we offer version mk2. You’ll never forget the day you receive, set up and activate your plattenKREISEL - it’s like first-time watching Star Wars as a child.


Pictures at an Exhibition. A dignified throne for our beloved fetish. plattenTISH and plattenBIGTISH consider themselves optionally as Keeper of the Grail or simply as an attractive side or coffee table. Give your favorite record a worthy and safe jacket and make it part of your everyday life.


Stopover. We spin the third record of our set, go to the Korova Milk Bar and the fellow DJ puts our record into the wrong jacket again. Moloko Plus slows down finding the own ones. LP or 45 put on the plattenPARK and continue searching calmly...


Keeper of the Grail. The plattenMOD is a smart wooden target for the one unprizable super secret single every serious lunatic possesses.


Happy Together. Our space station lacks of room but shall be furnished on a high level. The plattenCOMBI integrates equipment, LPs and CDs in one furniture of highest quality. Alternatively there is a version for Longplayers plus 45s.


On Her Modesty’s Secret Service. The plattenSHRINE is a jewel case for your selection of very special records in a modest and valuable style - let them be blinded by your understatement.


Phone and Arrow. There’s no bracket on our sideboard for headphones. Beethoven’s bust is too silly. At spinning we have to hang the headphones over it’s plug, which causes inevitably loose contact. The earWEDGE stereo is a sturdy but shapely tool to terminate those problems. Put the Wedge sagittal under an array of records or a mixer and lay your headphones across. The earWEDGE mono alternately provides a hook for your hotted-up vintage earphone.


Poster Boy. The promoterMATE has proved to be an indispensable aide in 18 years of running our venue. So we decided to make it available to others. This perfect backup for inhouse billposting of your upcoming events pulls the plug on poster mess in the production bureau. Your responsible employee will be grateful each time he trundles it to the box office.


Chaos Research. Rarely a collection without scattered records. A few unheard, a stack left from last DJ’ing and one more because all shelves are filled. The plattenBROWZER gives these records a temporary home and provides your current favorites with a place next to your turntable. The medium sized version safes our 10”s from getting lost between our LPs. The 7” model is perfect for fast and easy browsing through a last stack at the record store’s counter.


Landing Legs. After a tedious process of decision for ideal and good looking compact speakers for our living room we have to scour the market for speaker stands - a choice between stone slab with metal rack or metal rack with stone slab. The speakerLEGS are a gorgeous solution in the style of Danish modern made of solid timber to stand the test of acoustics and time.


Built to Tilt. Modular system plattenTILT. Up to three cubes of LPs high and up to 69 wide. The added value to these pieces of high-quality workmanship is to easily rotate your records through 45° - best way to prepare your DJ performance or mark your current favorites.


Treasury. It’s not easy to find a piece of furniture that properly organizes our precious 45 collection. That’s why most collectors bother with makeshift solutions made of space debris. The elaborate plattenHIVE provides the opposite: your records will smoothly glide on invisible drawer slides as used in the Centauric Central Bank vault.

We’ve Come Full Circle - from the Atomic to the Plattenkreisel
Our brand dates from a circular record shelf, I designed for my living room over ten years ago. Images thereof circulated around social media from time to time. Soon the idea started to produce this upscale gem in small-scale series. As promoter of Munich’s well known discotheque and live venue The Atomic Café (1997-2015) I was too low on time to make a furniture of this stature ready for the stage. Once our new landlord foiled us, I had the chance to perfect the Plattenkreisel at last. With bold constructive urge I designed a whole product series, which enhances the gorgeous subject vinyl records with some further aesthetic pleasures and remedies some ergonomic shortcomings. General orientation for my work were the ‘Ten Principles for Good Design’ by product design icon Dieter Rams. I’m very happy to get creative again in the same playing field I had my game as DJ and avid record collector for some 30 years now! In love with timber consistently I asked the best Bavarian cabinetmakers of our galaxy to implement these blueprints. None of our products can be built better or faster by any cabinetmaker on this planet - our prices mirror the fair compensation and social security of our craftsmen, the machine park maintanance as all charges and taxes from third parties. Anyway lifetime joy with our products puts their nominal prices into perspective. Redistribution as win-win situation: to manage you wealthy ones with what is true, good & sublime - Age of Aquarius :-)

Roland Schunk, Munich, 2019